Sunshine Trees & Arborists

Do I Need an Arborist?
I am often asked "Why do I need an arborist?" By having a Certified Arborist consultation, you are receiving an objective opinion regarding the health of your plants. During a consult, we walk around your yard and visibly inspect the trees and shrubs. I will give you my recommendations and inform you what you should be looking for regarding your trees health. If further work is needed, there is no pressure to have us handle it.

Here are a few examples of common tree issues.  Many times, a tree should be monitored for changes, rather than immediately removed.  
When a tree is damaged, the tree walls off the area to prevent any decay spreading throughout the tree.  The rounded ribs surrounding this area are exactly what we want to see.
There are several types of fungus which develop at conks on a tree.  They are all a sign that there is internal decay in the tree.  
When a plant grows in a container which is too small, the roots will circle around inside the pot.  Anytime a tree is planted, these roots should be loosened to encourage outward growth.  Otherwise you may end up with girdling roots, which can cut into the trunk or other roots.  This can interfere with the tree's nutrient and water circulation.  These roots can also result from neighboring trees.  They should be addressed while they are small roots if possible.