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This is an example of New American Garden style.  It's a low maintenance style with no turf and typically includes water features with drifts of perennial flowers.
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Landscape Design & Installation
We offer full designs in color or black and white.  Installations can be done in phases or all at once, whichever is more convenient for you.
We offer drawings with differing levels of detail and color, based on your request and requirements.  Many HOAs require a plan before approving landscaping installs or changes.
This is a before picture of a client's front yard.  They were having issues with erosion and there was a tree blocking the light to the grass.
We added a new bed to help control the erosion and plants which are more shade tolerant than the grass.  
In addition to adding new plants and sod, we also pruned the trees to raise and thin the canopy.  This allows more light to filter through and reach the grass.
This is a drawing in progress, showing the detail of a serenity garden.