Sunshine Trees & Arborists

We are a full service tree care company. We offer the following services:

~ISA Certified Arborist Tree Health Consultations & Recommendations
        We will be happy to come and take a look at your trees and shrubs.  We can offer suggestions and recommendations to keep your plants happy and healthy.

~Tree and Stump Removals 
        There are some cases where trees must be removed.  This can be due to many reasons, including the health or location of the tree and the owner's preferences.  We are able to handle any tree removal from a small tree in your front lawn to a large, dangerous tree over your house.  

~Tree Trimming and Pruning
        Pruning is often required for the health and appearances of your trees and shrubs.  We perform crown cleaning (removing dead and diseased branches from the tree), shaping, elevating and more.   ***We will never use climbing spurs on a tree which we are pruning as they damage the tree.  This is a key question to ask anyone who gives you a bid on tree work!***

~Tree Planting & Soil Tests
        From small shrubs to large trees, we can install in the best way for each individual plant.  We recommend soil testing any area in which a plant has health issues or a new plant is being installed.     

~Cabling and Bracing & Lightning Protection
        If you have a large, valuable tree, another option is to add a lightning protection system or to cable or brace the limbs.  

.If you have questions regarding these or any other services for your trees and landscape or would like more information, please call or email us at anytime.